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Tammy Preston

Tammy Preston is the founding pastor of an Intergenerational community in Australia. Tammy has been actively involved in ministry to children and their families for 33 years. Tammy is a trained teacher and has a degree In theology from ACOM and is currently doing her Ph.D. in Intergenerational ministry at Cardiff University in Wales.  She has written two books, curriculum, worship music for kids and families. Tammy speaks at conferences throughout Australia, NZ, USA, Lebanon, UK, Asia and Cambodia. Seeing the “family of God” be empowered to grow and walk the life long journey of faith together is something she is passionate about. Tammy is an adventurer and loves to ENGAGE in nature through photography. 

Engaging all ages

When ENGAGING with children today it is important that is it interactive, relevant and edutaining. 

Discovery Learning Series is a tried and tested curriculum that is a great resources for children aged 8-12 years.

Studies prove that when we ENGAGE across the ages, everyone benefits and grows. Browse my library of extensive resources to help you ENGAGE across the ages. 

Often leaders feel they are alone in the journey. The call to leadership is not easy, we are better when we

ENGAGE together. 

Consider joining a community of practice

ENGAGING with His creation is a powerful way to see God work when words often fail us. Take a look at what I have captured through my lens.

ENGAGING with God is all that matters. 

As I share some of the things He has taught me along the way, I pray it encourages you to keep ENGAGING with Him. 

I would love to ENGAGE with you and your community. Let's find a time to make that happen. 

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