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A turn

By Tammy Preston 05/10/22

David in the Bible, will always be known as a shepherd and a king and man after God’s own heart. What a glorious legacy to be known for.

“Yet there was a time when David did not examine what was in his own heart, he did not examine his own fears of being loved enough, did not examine his fears of not being wanted enough, instead David examined what was outside his own window. Examined who was out bathing next door. When we only examine the ways of everyone around us instead of examining the ways of what is actually within us we can expect our hearts to eventually go wayward. If we don’t examine the ways our hearts turn, it is our very light that ends up not turning out well. David turned away from his responsibilities and draw closer to what he thought would satisfy him, comfort him, fulfill him. By living an unexamined life this is what ends up exploding David’s life”. (Ann VosKamp)

I have been captured by the haunting words of Ann VosKamp:

“Every time we turn from something, we turn to something”

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