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Updated: Sep 30, 2022

by Tammy Preston 11/06/2021

Why is it that in movies and books we want to see the “happily ever after” and when it doesn’t happen we are disappointed? Or when it does happen, we still feel disappointed because it is over and we wanted to see more. We want things to finish up “happily ever after” but are disappointed that the end has come. It is a case of “the grass is always greener.”

It is a case of “the grass is always greener.”

I am reading Revelation (the final book of the Bible) and it is a difficult read, yet it talks of heaven and how it is all going to end well. The visions that John describes in Revelation probably don’t even come to close to what it will actually be like. One one hand I trust that if God says that He will live among us, that it will be perfect like the Garden of Eden, with no suffering, pain or sadness.....then it will be so. But on the other hand because I can’t imagine living like that for eternity (which in itself being perpetually happy is so foreign to me), there is a part of me that wonders and doubts at times that it is it even possible. I want the happy ending but then even when it has been promised to me I am already feeling a little disappointed.

Am I the only one who gets conflicted in this way? READ MORE

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