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By Tammy Preston • 17/08/16 •

I was staying at Coffs Harbour in a caravan park near the beach, so I set my alarm to see the sunrise one morning. But before the alarm went off I woke to light streaking through the curtain in my room. “Darn it,” I thought. I missed it.

But I decided to still throw my clothes on, grab my camera bag and start running towards the beach to see what I could see. Having arrived late the previous night, I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew I was running toward the sound of the sea, down a marked track. It was the longest track ever to get to beach. On my way, I realised I had forgotten my glasses, my socks were slipping down to my toes in my shoes which made it all more uncomfortable and challenging, I was now wet from all the thick grass I was wading through, and to think only 10 minutes ago I was warm, dry and cosy in my bed.

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